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how to make a compass in very easy way

how to make a compass in a very easy way

here I am going to show you a very easy way of making the compass needle at home. It doesn't need a very expensive thing.

Simply you will need :

 two magnets(you can take the magnets of the speaker of a mobile phone or other that is easy for you to find).
 A paper strip (3 or 3.5 inches),
 A thread ( approximately 0.5 meters),
 A pen (for generalizing the directions on the paper strip,  you need only once).

Procedure :

take the two magnets and put the paper strip and "one end of the thread" in between them and the magnets should be opposite facing each other so that they can attract each other. so the paper and thread will be sandwiched in magnets. 
now hang the thread by the second end, ( you may use your hand as a hanger for the time so that the magnets will be stationary. now write the correct directions on the ends of the paper strip and after all the things have been done. now put something to fix the magnets, like glue. 
now your magnet is ready you may use it anywhere,  just hang the one end of the thread by your hand and the paper strip will show you the directions.

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