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How to Add or list a Place or a business to Google Map by your android phone


  1. First of all look for the Google Map Application in your Apps.
  2. Tap on the icon to open it

  • 3:        wait open

  • 4:           zoom for the location where  your place is : 

5:              Long tap on that location until you see a red-Pin  there: and "dropped pin"
6:              Click on "dropped pin" or scroll it up:

7:           click on " add a missing place"

8:          Give a name to your place and select category : 
9:          Fill all information as you can ....  

10:      click on the arrow in the top-right to send the feedback to Google .....

 11:                 you will see a message like this . ... your place is sent for review....

12:          In few minutes you will get a message about the confirmation .... your place is published or                not:

13:        your place may take up to 24 hours to be live on Google so just chill ...  it will be ... don't                    worry ....  you will get a mail"
  •  That's it : your place is added to Google-map:

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