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how to stop an uncontrolled process in ubuntu

When we are using Ubuntu, sometimes a program just freezes and we are not able to close it. So, in this case we can forcefully close such programs by using the "Sudo Kill" command. below is the process, how to do that...

how to stop an uncontrolled process in ubuntu

Steps to follow

  1. open terminal "CTRL+ALT+T"
  2. type " ps -A | grep XXXX" to view XXXX process running on PC
  3. every process is related to unique ProcessID (PID)
  4. find it " it is a number given in left on the screen in front of the name of the process
  5. then type" sudo kill PID"
  6. then "ENTER"
  7. enter "password"
  8. then "ENTER"
  9. your process is closed

Example: I want to close firefox;

  1. ps -A |grep fire
  2. look for PID that is 24243 in my PC
  3. sudo kill 24243
  4. after entering password it is closed
  5. have a look...

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