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11 books every businessman must read

11 Books You Should Read

These books are very important for everyone not only for a businessman. These books will guide you to a path that definitely goes to success. And I am sure that if you read and follow the books, you will think only to be a successful businessman. You will not think of a job. Everyone must read these books in their life.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad -Robert T Kiyosaki


How to change things
When to change is hard

3. Zero to One -Peter thiel

4. The obstacle is the way - Ryan Holiday

5. Things hidden since the foundation of the world - Rene Girard

6. Conscious Capitalism -John Mackey & Raj Sisodia

7. Think and Grow Rich -Napoleon Hill

8. Business Adventures -Bill Gates

9. The innovator's Dilemma -Clayton M. Christensen

10. The effective executive

11. So good they can't ignore you

Friends you can buy them from online shopping websites. I'll upload later the links to buy directly from this page. All the best for your future !!!!!!

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