5 Amazing Websites | 5 वेबसाइट जो आपको चौंका देंगी

In this post I will share 5 Amazing Websites on the internet after knowing about them you will just say wow! so let’s have a look …

5 Amazing Websites
  1. Destroy The Website
  2. You’re getting old
  3. 10 Minutes Mail
  4. Black and White to Colour
  5. Ancient Earth Globe

Let’s Explore Step by Step…

5 Amazing Websites | 5 वेबसाइट जो आपको चौंका देंगी

1.Destroy The Website
    • Yes! you can destroy my website !!!
    • If you click the below button you will be able to destroy my website.
    • After clicking the below button you will see a gunpoint on the screen and you can control its direction by arrow keys on the keyboard and you can shoot website elements by hitting the Space button.
    • You will Enjoy it Just click the below button
Click Here to Destroy My Website

2. You’re getting old!
    • On this website, you will need to enter your or your friend’s Date of Birth.
    • Now the magic starts, the website will calculate,
      • How years, months, days old you are
      •  How many times your Hearts has beaten approximately
      • How many breaths you have taken approximately
      • How many time Moon has orbited Earth since you were born
      • The distance you have traveled as the Earth revolves around the Sun.
And many more Interesting Facts related to your birth
See mine:
3. 10MinuteMail – Free Temporary Anonymous Email
    • Sometimes you need to sign-up on a website to use it and you don’t want to provide your real E-mail.
    • In this situation, you can visit this website and can get an E-mail valid for 10 minutes after that it will be destroyed.
    • So you can avoid spams in your mailbox by using this site.
    • Accounts are completely secure only you can access your email.
    • It’s Free also so Enjoy
4.Black and White to Colour
    • Using this website you can convert your black and white pictures as a real colored one, in a few seconds may be minute depends on the speed of the Internet connection sometimes.
    • But it’s Real amazing it can convert those pictures also this was taken by the black and white camera in old time
    • Look at this demo, this is a pure B/W photo and converted to a real colored picture, beautiful na?
5.Ancient Earth Globe
    • In this website, you can see a change in the globe according to the time
    • Ancient Globe, millions of years ago
    • You can try to find India on Earth thousands of year ago that looks amazing.
    • You can try …! Look at a demo.
I hope you have enjoyed this post, which website is most interesting for you please tell me in the comment box. Have a good day!

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