How to get information about a company by its 21 digit CIN [ Corporate Identity Number ]

How to get information about a company by its 21 digit CIN [ Corporate Identity Number ]

21 Digit CIN ( Corporate Identity Number )

Corporate Identity Number


Whats is CIN [ Corporate Identity Number ]


Every Indian company has a unique CIN of 21 digits, which contains six sub-parts.
Every part gives useful information about the company.
So, first of all, let us take an example of a CIN of a company.
Here I am taking an example of CIN of “Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd” for better understanding.


How to read a 21 digit CIN in a proper way

CIN: U51909PB2011PTC035491



First Second Third Fourth Fifth

Total digits = 21



Explanation of Every Part in CIN:

First Part : ( first one digit ) 

【 Listing Status of company 】
It can be  “U” or “L”, If a company is listed it is “L” and if the company is Unlisted or not listed, it is “U”.

Second Part : ( five digits )

 【 Industry Code 】
MCA has a number allotted for every category or Industry, Accordingly NIC-2004 (National industrial classification)

★Third part : ( two digits )

【 State code 】
State code where the company is registered i.e. MH for maharashtra
HR for Haryana 
DL for Delhi
Likewise, PB for Punjab in this

★Fourth part : ( four-digit )


【 year of incorporation 】
The year the company was incorporated in. In this 
Example company would there be registered in 2011

★Fifth part : (three digits)

【ownership or classification of company 】
Whether the company is privately limited owned by the Indian government.
PTC: private limited company plc: public limited company: owned by Indian government PC: One Person Company
NPL: not for profit company etc.


★Sixth part : (six digits )

【RC number /ROC registration 】
Last set of 6 digits is representing the Registration 
Number of the company issued by the registrar of companies.
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