How to Delete WhatsApp Data from Google Drive

How to Delete WhatsApp Data from Google Drive? As we know that Google Stores our data of many Applications in the Android Operating System. There is an automatic option to take a backup of these types. Whatsapp is one of them. We can enable you to store backup data to Google Drive. If we lost our WhatsApp chat messages or we lost our phone then we have the option to recover this again.
But sometimes we need to delete it for some reason. so this method may help you…!

How to Delete WhatsApp Data from Google Drive

there’s additionally our WhatsApp data that has recently seen a policy change. all of your chats — that additionally include heavy multimedia system files as well — can no longer occupy space in your Google Drive. this means that all your chats messages, photos, and videos on WhatsApp are going to be synced together with your Google Drive using a Google account however are going to be stored while not using up the restricted 15GB of Google Drive space that you simply get. But given that there’s always a risk of privacy infringement and data larceny, your data isn’t completely safe if it’s held on in Cloud.
Delete WhatsApp Data from Google Drive

Steps to delete WhatsApp Data from Google Drive

Follow the step by step procedure to delete your WhatsApp data from Google Drive if you want to do this due to any privacy concern or reason.
1. Visit Google Drive official website ( on your desktop and log in to your Google account
2. If you’re accessing this URL via your smartphone, tap on the top right or left corner and choose the “Desktop View” Desktop Site or desktop version.
3. Click the Gear icon within the top right corner
4. Open Settings and look for the Manage Apps option
5. Scroll right down to find WhatsApp
6. Further, look for the “Hidden app data” size to look below the WhatsApp messenger
7. Click on options and tap on Delete hidden app data
8. It will again ask you for confirmation with a message like “x-GB of hidden app data from WhatsApp messenger are going to be deleted from Drive. You have to tap on delete to verify

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