How To Embed PDF and other Documents files In Blogger Posts

sometimes we need to embed PDF to blog-post because we don’t want to type or create the same file in blog-post so this is very important” how to attach or Embed a PDF or other document file to blog post From Google Drive. Google drive is a very secure and better option to put our documents so first of all, we need to upload the file on Google Drive so firstly logon to

How To Embed PDF In Blogger  Posts

Then upload the file: selecting the option “NEW”

then select ” File Upload” 
now it will ask you to locate the file in your PC so select that.
then wait to upload the file
Now Change the file permission to public  selecting the “Get shareable link sign ” button in top-right  or Right-Clicking on the file
Now Right Click on the file and Preview it :
then from ‘right top’ select “open in new window”
now again from ‘right top’ select Embed item”
Now you will see popup windows having an HTML code
copy it and paste it in your blog-post after selecting the HTML tab “
by default, the width of the document is set to 640 pixels while the height is set to 480 pixels. you can vary them according to your requirement. 
then you will see your post like :

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