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Are you a blogger? or any individual writer looking to create a little networking and collaboration to gain new readers? You may be interested in publishing your post on my blog! Yes, you can submit!!!

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What is required for approval of the submission

This might be obvious, but let me tell you again– 

  • do not submit your topic without your bio, your headshot, or your contact information.
  • Keep your words short and to the point!
  • Don't include unnecessary links, I will never post such content just submitted to get linkings.
  • It should be at least 600-700 words long, 300-400 words are a must.

Type of Content You Should Submit

You should submit informative content only. That may be any educational content, how-to tips-tricks, or technology related. It should provide a solution to a specific problem. You should submit a fresh content DO NOT SUBMIT PLAGIARIZED content. These are the topics I write about– 
  • Computer
  • Technology
  • Programming
  • Career
  • Business
  • Interesting
  • Internet

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